Teaching Credo

Life is a series of adjustments. The earlier you learn this, the easier life becomes.

Sandy L. (friend and neighbour)

  1. I believe that education plays a pivotal role in shaping human beings who will exemplify compassion, empathy, humility, integrity, open mindedness, respect and accountability.
  2. I believe education should cultivate a love of deep, life-long learning, on both the part of the teacher and that of the student, beyond the confines of a specific subject. 
  3. I believe education should serve to enhance each student’s belief in themself and all that they are capable of.
  4. I believe that education should continuously evolve, just as we do, never remaining stagnant. 
  5. I believe that education should take place outside as often as possible in order to foster a deep connection with the outdoors and our planet, ultimately teaching children to look out for all living things and see themselves as part of a much bigger picture. 
  6. I believe that education should be fun and engaging, inspiring students to stay curious and always open to never having it all figured out. 
  7. I believe that education should be inclusive in ways that benefit all students, and that adjustments should be made if the learning of some students suffers in lieu of the inclusion of others.
  8. I believe education should create space for children to learn in a range of ways that can suit their individual learning needs while still challenging them and pushing them to grow beyond measure. 
  9. I believe that education is a means of building relationships and a sense of community, and should therefore take place within small groups. 
  10. I believe that educators must maintain a high level of care and respect for their students and their learning, rooted in the ability to exercise both epistemic humility and epistemic generosity.
  11. I believe that education should teach children that words do indeed hurt – that we must be mindful of the words we choose when speaking to others as well as ourselves.